The main body of this scarf is made from a highly-prized naturally-colored alpaca. This silver/grey color is called “rex”, and is unusual in alpacas. Alpaca fiber is softer, warmer, and lighter than even the finest wool, and it doesn’t itch the way some wool can. Many people who are allergic to wool can still wear alpaca. Each end of this scarf is woven from handspun 100% merino wool. These ends are ever-so-slightly heavier than the body of the scarf, to create the perfect drape and keep the ends from unwrapping themselves as you move. Both the alpaca and the merino were handspun by myself. The alpaca came from a local hobby farmer in the Pacific Northwest, was cleaned and carded by a local, family-owned processor just down the road, and was spun on my little spinning wheel. The merino was handspun with a drop spindle over the course of a couple summers of hiking and camping.

At 6.5 feet long and 10 inches wide, there is plenty of material to be worn in a variety of ways. Wrap it once and let the ends hang long, wrap it twice for extra warmth, or it’s even wide enough to be worn more like a stole across your shoulders and a beautiful shawl pin used to hold it in place.